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Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Updates

Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Updates

The Berks COVID-19 Response Fund was established to ensure nonprofits are positioned to help our most vulnerable neighbors and able to continue their work during the current crisis. Contributions made to the Berks COVID-19 Response Fund will be distributed to local 501(c)3 nonprofits through an application process. The funding decisions will be made by local volunteers and professionals with experience evaluating critical needs and making funding decisions. 

We are grateful to the donors listed below for their generous contributions to the Berks COVID-19 Response Fund. We are also grateful to Dena and Vic Hammel, Customers Bank and The Kindness Coalition Foundation, Karen and John Arnold, for each providing a $100,000 match for individual giving, and to The Wyomissing Foundation and The Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust for each providing a gift of $100,000.

The list of donors and grant recipients will updated weekly.


Berks COVID-Response Fund Total Raised


Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Donors

Betsy Adams

Jennifer Adames

Michael Albitz

Alcon Foundation

Dorothy M. Ames

Dennis and Mary Angelisanti

Dr. Elaine M. Balkiewicz

Tracey Baughey

Kelly Beaver

Ward Becker

Jacqueline Beem

Tim Benner

Sydney Berroteran

Bruce Bodien

Glen and Carol Bowman

Josh Brown

Lucy Cairns

Capital Blue Cross

Dave and Elizabeth Capitano

Felicidad C. Cardinal

Dan and Melanie Casciano

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Casey, Jr.

Ashley Chambers

Liz and Charles Charles

David Chelstowski

Christ Episcopal Church

David Clary

Nicholas Claytor

Daniel and Susan Clouser

Mary Coleman

Shalani Colon

Anthony and Carol Cox

Beth Daughtry

Leslie and Bill Davidson

Eileen DeWald

Robert and Jayne Dieruff

Michael Dinan

Robert and Karen Donovan

Trisha and Ron Donovan

Lynn Driben

Marion Drozd

Michael and Diane Duff

Julie Duggan

Melissa Dunn

Lynn and Will Eagleson

Charles Ebbert

Janice Eickhoff

Brian and Suzanne Engelhardt

Jeff and Katie England

Marilyn Engleman

Kendra Espinosa


Nelson and Ruth AnnEyer

Linda Fabian

Beula B. Fehr

Alan and Sue Fineman

Angie and Al Finney

Kathleen Fiorentino

Steve and Gina Fisher

Kristina Flanagan

Tom and Helen Flynn

Sid and Cathy Forrest

William D. Franklin

Friends of Dena and Vic

Pauline Fusner

Judith Gabriel

Jack and Janet Gallagher

Sara Galosi

Ms. Diane L. Gaul

Kristin and Wayne Gehris

F. S. Giacobbe

Dave and Becky Giatras

Heather Glass

Penny Golden

David and Debbie Goldberg

Dan and Dale Goodyear

Lucille Gough

Carol Grandstaff

Jeffrey Gregro

Judge Arthur E. and Louise C. Grim

Amanda Groff

Stephine Grubb

Jim Gruber

Frank Gustus

Barbara and Brad Hall

Robert Hall

Dena and Vic Hammel

Susan Hartman

Vincent and Donna Hartnett

Marc Heil

Nancy Hemberger

AnNette Hines

Bernie and Pat Hofmann

Luke Hoffman

Jerry and Carolyn Holleran

Bob and Dawn Hoppes

Karen Howk

Kelsey Hunsicker

Dan and Ellen Huyett

Elaine Jackson

Peter Jacobson

Dr. Melissa Jamula

Anita Jester

Rebecca Johnson

Joanne M. Judge and Rick Oppenheimer

Leon and Randi Katz

John Kemmerling

Douglas Kennedy

Peggy and Lee Kershner

Soun Kimm

Barbara J. Kline

Donna Kline

Carolyn S. Konas

Lisa Konopelski

Judith Kraines and Dr. Neil Hoffman

Shauna Kring

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krut

Kris Leaman

Carol Leh

Marvin Leid

Molly Lenko

Michael Lichty

Kevin Lugo

Jeffrey Lupowitz

Cynthia Lynn

M&T Bank

John M. MacDonnell

Melissa Manara

James Manning

Nick and Risa Marmontello

Julianne Maslar

Beth and Bill Mastromarino

Megan Mattern

Judith Matuszak

Ed and Suzy McKeaney

Karen McKeever

Tamara McLean

Judith and William McMahon, Jr.

Andrew Melzer

Patsy and John Meyers

Chris and Linda Michael

Pamela Middleton

Amy Miller

Marlin and Ginger Miller

Charles and Patricia Minehart

Joanne Moll

Jay Montgomery

Harry and Jean Morrow

Clare Moser

Lou and Terry Mscichowski

Mutual of America

Robert Myer

Katharine Navarre

Joni and David Naugle

Phuoc Nguyen

Northpointe Bank

Philip Obazee

William and Madalin O'Brien

Jethryn and John Ott

PPL Foundation

Linda Pannabecker

Karen Parish

Joseph Pasquale

Patricia Zyma Family Fund

David Patti

Alan and Laurie Peer

Jack and Diane Pennington

Eric Peroni

Craig and Sue Perrotty

Michael and Mary Pierantozzi

David Pindrock

Doris Pisotti

Sarah Poplinski

George and Sandy Post

Glenn and Jeanette Potteiger

Sidney Purnell

R.M. Palmer Company

Susan Randazzo

Irvin Rathman

Gary Reggiani

Yvette and Scott Rehr

Chelsey Reichelt

Bob and Donna Rhoads

Linda Rice

Dona Ritchey

Michele Ruano-Weber

Jennifer Rudd-Glenn

Quinn Sandner

James Scheirer

Michael Schiffman

Susan Schlanger

Mark and Karen Schlott

Judith Schwank

Judy and Jim Schwank

Lawrence Schumacher

Wendy Schutt

Dale Laura H. Schwoyer

Brad and Carroll Scribner

SEIU Local 668 Chapter 9

John Sensenig

Kaye Sensenig

Evyn Seyler

Alap Shah

Sharon Shank

Patricia Shields

In memory of Eugene Shober

Margaret Shomgard

Bruce and Susan Smith

Elaine Snyder

Susan Snyder

Chris and Jim Spanier

Patricia Spatz

Bob and Kim Spengler

Ken Stavarski

Richard Steffy

Liz and Brent Sterner

Lois Stober

Judith and Geoffrey Stoudt

Scott and Akiko Strum

Larry Sundberg

Jessica Sutherland

Cheryl and Ensi Sylvernale

Keith Symons

Ira Tauber

Colleen Taylor

John and Karen Thies

Jeff and Cindy Thomas

Joseph and Mary Tibbetts

Tichansky Family

Michael Toll

Robert Tomascik

Michelle and Tony Tomczak

Kathy Topper

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Trexler III

Marie Troutman


Christopher Turtell


Jamie Vail

Kiana Vega

Patrick and Meredith Velekei

George Viener

Visions Federal Credit Union

Maribeth Walker

Drs. Bryan and Karen Wang

Tao Wang

Dr. Anna D. Weitz

Wells Fargo

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Wenrich

Stephanie J. and Robert F. Wheeler

Michael Davidson and Tammy White

Joe Whitehead

Katherine Williams

Michael Winters

Emanuel Wittels

Joanne Wojszwillo

Steven Wright

Tina Wright

Steve and Chris Wullert

Ron Wunsch

Ann Young

Jeremy Zaborowski

Raymond and Lynn Zale

Joe and Lidia Zidik

Lisa Zimmerman

 + 35 Anonymous donors


Berks COVID-19 Response Fund
Grant Recipients

32 grants have been awarded to date:

Berks Coalition to End Homelessness - two grant awards for shelter, utility and food needs

Berks Community Television (BCTV) - equipment needs for local news and COVID-19 updates

Berks Connections/Pre-Trial Services (BCPS) - basic needs

Blankets of Hope - to purchase face masks for local organizations

Boyertown Area Multi-Service - emergency pantry/food distribution

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown - emergency food needs

Community Prevention Partnership - support basic needs

Dayspring Homes - PPE needs for staff

Family Promise - housing needs

Habitat for Humanity - financial needs

Hannah's Hope Ministries - emergency shelter

Helping Harvest - two grant awards for emergency food needs

Hope Rescue Mission - two grant awards for emergency shelter

Mary’s Shelter - infant/families essential needs

New Journey Community Outreach - two grant awards for safety net services and emergency food distribution

Olivet Boys and Girls Club - emergency food distribution

Opportunity House - emergency shelter

Prospectus Berco - PPE needs and expanded client enrichment

The Rudden Family Foundation - supporting families in transition

Safe Berks - two grant awards for emergency support for domestic violence victims and safe housing and emergency needs

Salvation Army Reading Corps - food and basic needs

Salvation Army Service Extension Unit - food and financial assistance

Tower Health at Home - safety supplies for visiting nurses

Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC) - virtual access to supportive services

United Community Services - virtual GED and workforce education

YMCA - two grant awards for emergency childcare and transitional housing


Updated May 25, 2020