Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Grants

Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Grant Guidelines

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United Way of Berks County has established the Berks COVID-19 Response Fund to provide immediate funding for nonprofit organizations that have experienced increased demand for services, operational distress, and/or increased costs to continue current services as a result of COVID-19. The Berks COVID-19 Response Fund provides flexible resources to health and human service organizations across Berks County to provide essential aid and critically needed safety net services to those most impacted by the pandemic.


Any nonprofit organization or recognized 501(c)3 organization, providing health and human service programs to Berks County residents, is eligible to apply.

Amount of grant:

A maximum of $20,000 can be requested, with United Way reserving the option to award a lesser amount, based on demonstrated need and available resources. Due to limited resources and high demand for support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask agencies to please limit their request for this emergency funding to one per agency. However, additional requests from agencies will be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on the availability of resources and urgency of need.


Agencies may request funding at any time. Requests will be reviewed in the order received, with staff and volunteer review and Board action generally being completed within 14 business days from receipt. Agencies will be notified immediately of decisions.

Application format:

Grant applications will be accepted, via e-CIMPACT and includes an application overview, budget overview, and non-agency partners are required to upload documents (501(c)3 letter, ACH form, and Patriot Act Cert at a minimum). If awarded the grant, a final report will be requested, which will include providing outcomes achieved and demographics of those served with grant funding. UWBC Community Level Outcomes and Program Level Outputs for reporting can be accessed via the Resource Center on e-CIMPACT. e-CIMPACT is a comprehensive grant and performance management software tool that helps simplify the grant application, evaluation, and reporting processes for success.

Review criteria:

All requests are reviewed by a panel of United Way staff and community volunteers with extensive experience in health and human services and business. Reviewers evaluate requests based on the following:

  • How well the request matches the purpose of the grant program. Requests for increased demand of services and/or modifications to continue services are prioritized upon initial launch of grant availability.
  • The degree to which no other resources are immediately available
  • How significant the impact on clients and the community will be if funding is not secured
  • The amount of the request in relationship to the available dollars at the time of the request
Use of funds:

Funds requested should support direct expenses of the program, although critical capital needs related to program operation may also be considered.

Additional information, questions or access to e-CIMPACT:

Please contact Kristin Gehris, 610.685.4567 or

Berks COVID-19 Response Fund Grant Application Directions
  1. Click here to access e-CImpact
  2. Click on the link that states “If you are an agency, click here to enter.”
  3. Use your e-CImpact login and password to access the system. If you have forgotten your password click Forgot your password?. Contact Jen Tinsman at 610-685-4576 or if you need assistance with your user name. (NOTE:If you have NOT applied for United Way funding before, click on the green “Agency Registration” link under the title “Agencies Who Have Not Previously Applied for United Way Funding”. Please be ready to enter your agency’s EIN, contact information and mission. Preferred User Name is your email address.)
  4. When you log in, click on the Link to Available United Way of Berks County Grants in the Application/Grant List box on the left. You will need to answer two eligibility questions.
  5. To access the full application and forms, you’ll need to Assign Programs to this Application (towards the top right). Select an existing program that will be expanded or enhanced or Create a New Program and Assign it to this Form Packet.
  6. You will now see all eight sections (including attachments that will need to be uploaded) of the application. All must be completed before you can submit the application. Simply click on each link to complete that section of the application.
  7. Remember to “Save My Work” (located at the bottom of each section. Only click “Save My Work and Mark As Completed” when you have completed and reviewed all questions within a section.
  8. When all areas are completed as required Submit this Application Now.You have the option to print your application on the submission page if you would like to keep a hard copy.