Please note: For 2020, United Way of Berks County directed additional grant dollars to support the Berks COVID-19 Response Fund.

COVID-19 Education Response Grants, totaling nearly $95,800, were awarded to 26 elementary schools in 12 local school districts in 2020. The grants are designed to help students, teachers and families facing a variety of challenges as the new school year launches during the pandemic.

Rapid Response Grants, totaling $112,200, were awarded to 11 organizations in 2019. These grants are designed to provide immediate funding for health and human service nonprofit organizations experiencing unanticipated changes in financial circumstances jeopardizing a critical program’s ability to be effective and causing negative consequences to clients and the community. Alternatively, funding may address a significantly increased demand for services that exceeds the organization’s capacity to meet with current financial resources.

Three Venture Grants were awarded in 2019, which provide one-time funding in support of new or expanded programs responding to the needs of underserved populations or geographic areas. These grants totaled $58,209 and were awarded to programs focused on transportation solutions.

LIVE UNITED Grants, one-time grants of up to $5,000, provided to grass-roots or community-based organizations with a yearly budget below $250,000, were awarded in 2019 to four organizations focusing on creative projects bringing people together to improve the quality of life for Berks County residents. LIVE UNITED Grants totaled $18,000.

Summer Learning Grants, one-time grants of up to $5,000 provided to Ready.Set.READ! (RSR) partner schools, Summer Learning Coalition members and other organizations serving Berks County Title 1 students, were awarded in 2019 to 12 organizations to support summer programming featuring a literacy component and serving Berks County Title 1 students, up to and including 3rd grade. Summer Learning Grants totaled more than $54,400.