ELU Member Spotlight: Aaron Ayala

Man with glasses in suit smiling in headshot

In the world of community engagement, where to start is often the first challenge. For many, the journey starts with the question: where do I begin? Aaron Ayala, a Cabinet member of Emerging Leaders United (ELU), offers insights from his journey, shedding light on how to become engaged in the community and how ELU has been a great resource for him.

Community involvement holds personal significance for Aaron, who sees it as the perfect opportunity to educate and enrich oneself. ELU has broadened his understanding of local needs and provided a platform to utilize his skills for the greater good. Aaron believes ELU has helped in understanding the needs of the community. He shares, “As a Berks County native, there was so much I was unaware happened right here in my hometown.” He continues, “ELU has enabled me to learn more about how I can help those in need and to utilize my time and talents for the betterment of others.”

Being involved in ELU’s Cabinet has also been transformative for Aaron. It has helped him shape his leadership skills and foster a deep sense of connection within the community by providing hands-on opportunities to plan and execute ELU events, which have been instrumental in his growth.

For ELU members seeking to expand their community involvement, Aaron advocates taking a leap of faith. Aaron encourages getting involved because, “It can be daunting to step out of one’s comfort zone, but you won’t regret taking the leap!” Aaron believes participating in ELU events opens doors to meaningful connections and contributions, while also connecting members with local non-profits for further engagement opportunities.

Aaron believes volunteer leadership is important to practice. He encourages ELU members to practice volunteer leadership because  “it is the best gift that you can give to yourself and others. It is a rewarding and humbling experience to be able to do good right in your local community and help make a lasting difference.”