ELU Member Spotlight: Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler is an active Emerging Leaders United (ELU) member and serves on the ELU Cabinet. Check out how her involvement with ELU has helped her grow personally and become more involved in the community.

“Have you ever volunteered for an organization and thought, “This could be so much better if they did X.” Through volunteer leadership you can use your experience and skills to help improve programs and outcomes. The organization will grow, and you’ll grow as a person. For me, volunteering is a way to help better our community. A lot of things in this life are out of our control, but through volunteering I feel like I can make a small difference.”

“Other than my involvement as an ELU Cabinet member, I am also a board member for Friend, Inc. I was connected with Friend, Inc. Community Services. through my involvement of the 2022 graduating class of Leadership Berks, which prepares and encourages board placement. Because of my involvement with ELU, I felt more prepared in my board position. ELU has helped me grow as a person and as a leader. ELU provides me with opportunities to better understand the needs of our community and learn how organizations are working to meet them. ELU has also taught me the importance of teamwork and valuing how we can accomplish more when working together. That is why I encourage ELU members who are interested in expanding their community involvement to speak up. Your voice and work would be appreciated by so many organizations! Reach out to the United Way to inquire about open opportunities or even contact the organization itself you’re interested in and ask how you can help.”

We thank you Anna for the passion she has to be a leader in our community and for her work with ELU and beyond!