ELU Member Spotlight: Cassandra Weidner

I have been a member of ELU for several years and I have been an ELU Cabinet member for the last 2 years. I participated in United Way’s Blueprint for Leadership (BFL) program in 2019, and also left as the class President, because I wanted to grow in my leadership and other skills that would enable me to help the community by serving on committees and boards of nonprofit agencies.

Along with my BFL training, the different experiences I have had through ELU, from volunteering at various agencies and the professional development events, have helped prepare me for leadership roles in ELU and other nonprofit committees. I currently serve as a BFL committee member, a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake committee, and as the ELU Cabinet Vice Chair. Volunteer leadership has given me such a sense of purpose because that leadership has allowed me to serve others. It may seem scary at first but knowing that you are having a positive impact on the community is a really wonderful feeling.

The advice I would give to other ELU members who would like to get more involved in the community is attend various ELU events to learn more about the great agencies in Berks County, what they do and who they help. Through ELU I have learned about so many amazing agencies that I did not even know existed. I am so grateful for the many agencies that have personally touched my life and the lives of my family – Safe Berks, Helping Harvest, Olivet Boys and Girls Club and BCIU. I know how important these agencies are to the people they serve and that is why it gives me joy the be involved in the community.