ELU Member Spotlight: Matt Martin

Man and daughter smiling at camera in hair nets

Matt Martin is an ELU Cabinet member who actively contributes to various organizations in his community. Matt shares, “I have always liked helping people and volunteering has always been near and dear in my heart.”  In addition to being an active volunteer with ELU, Matt serves as an Interior Firefighter and Treasurer for the Relief side of his local fire company. Prior to this, Matt had already gained experience as a Junior Firefighter in Pottsville, PA. He is also a hospice volunteer with Promedica, an opportunity he discovered thanks to Darby Wiekrykas, United Way’s Volunteer Engagement Program Manager. When asked where Matt’s passion for volunteering stems from, he responded by saying, “I like seeing people happy and that happiness goes a long way.”

Reflecting on his involvement with ELU, Matt believes that being part of the ELU cabinet has significantly improved his volunteer leadership skills. Matt believes there is excitement in servant leadership and is grateful for the personal and professional growth that volunteer leadership has offered him and can offer his fellow ELU members. He encourages ELU members seeking to expand their community involvement to, “Just get out there and try a few volunteering opportunities.” Matt believes getting involved with ELU can be beneficial to members because, “It could open the door to many other fun ways to be more involved!”

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