How You Can Impact the Lives of Children in Berks County

At United Way, we care about everyone in Berks County. We believe that all residents should have access to resources and services that maintain and improve their way of life.

We also believe that it is crucial to support and uplift Berks County children. United Way strives to provide programs, events, and services that keep them healthy, further their education and set them up for future success.

If supporting the wellbeing of children is something you’re interested in, United Way provides many opportunities to do so. Here are a few ways you can impact the lives of children in Berks County.

Become a Volunteer

United Way provides many programs and events that help and support children. These resources are only possible with the continued efforts and care of volunteers. Some United Way volunteer opportunities in Berks County include:

There are many ways to volunteer and help Berks County children in need. You can learn more about available and upcoming opportunities by visiting our Volunteer Portal.

Make a Donation

When you donate to United Way, you change the lives of local children, families and older adults.

With our Community Wide Care approach, we allocate funds to where it is needed most in Berks County. It allows us to fund 50+ programs delivered by our agency partners, support initiatives like Ready.Set.READ! and 211 and more. You can donate today and support these efforts.

Increase Awareness

Spread the word about United Way’s work in supporting children. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. If you’ve had positive experiences as a United Way volunteer, be sure to share those as well. You’ve done important work in changing the lives of Berks County children.

Sharing first-hand experiences and personal stories can encourage more involvement with United Way. The increased awareness and support can help us further improve the lives of children.

The wellbeing of children is vital to a healthy, prosperous community. United Way support Berks County children through a collection of programs, events, and resources.

If you are interested in changing the lives of Berks County children, United Way can help. To learn more, view our current volunteer opportunities or contact Darby Wiekrykas at 610-685-4574 or