Julian Finds Stability and Success through CASA

After losing his father, Julian bounced around in foster care, often being moved because of his aggressive behavior. When he was 12 years old, CASA of Berks County had the opportunity to provide Julian with a trained volunteer to serve as his advocate. In visiting him at his fifth placement, Julian’s volunteer advocate quickly discovered that he had never learned to read. The CASA visited him weekly, teaching him how to read, and advocated with his school for additional services. His behavior became more manageable and he grew less angry about losing his father.

Working alongside Julian’s caseworker, the CASA searched for someone who might have known Julian’s father. When an old friend of his father’s was located, Julian was ecstatic to meet him. Their visits increased in frequency and within a short while, the man’s family offered to be his foster care home. Under the encouraging eye of his new foster family, Julian began thriving in high school at both academics and sports. In August 2019, the family officially adopted him. He is on his way to be a responsible, productive young adult thanks to the efforts of the CASA Volunteer Advocate.