Meals on Wheels Gives Kitty Independence in Her Home

For Kitty Merkel, 85, there was no doubt that she wanted to remain in her own home. After a fall, where she ended up in the hospital and then a rehab for several weeks, it couldn’t come soon enough that she was able to return to her home. The difference between most patients and Kitty, is that Kitty is legally blind.

The result of an accident when she was just a teenager, Kitty lost sight in both eyes. But she lives in her small home in South Heidelberg on her own terms. Kitty has learned to navigate in her own home, and does have help with cleaning and other duties that allow her to live independently. Cooking and preparation of meals was not something that she could easily handle, and she is grateful to have the meals that are delivered daily to her by volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program.

Kitty said, “I owe my health to a balanced diet from Meals on Wheels. If I didn’t get a meal, I would have a TV dinner or a sandwich which wouldn’t be as healthy.”