Meet the New United Way Staff

Jacqueline Espinoza

My time at the United Way has been great so far! Everyone has been very welcoming, and I have learned so much in a short amount of time, and I am excited to continue learning within my designated position and finding new ways to connect with the businesses and organizations we have relationships with. One thing I have learned that has surprised me is all the leadership development opportunities that United Way offers to employees and those within the community. My favorite moment working with United Way, so far, was getting to bond with the team during a Mike Iorio session.

Fun fact about me is I am fluent in Spanish and I have a dog named Zelda. She is Pitt Lab Mix and I adopted her almost two years ago.

A woman in a blue shirt is smiling at the camera
Amanda hansen

My time at United Way has been Uh-May-Zing.  I am surrounded by incredible people, who in addition to being nice and supportive, have such a wealth of knowledge to share. Even though I have only been in my role for a little over a month, I would say the magnitude of what happens at the United Way of Berks County has been a surprise for me. As I grow in my role,  I’m excited to continue to learn more about the agencies we partner with. There are so many wonderful non-profits doing amazing things throughout the county and I love hearing about their mission and experiences.  It’s inspiring and humbling to see all the people who come together to help, and I am excited to be one of them this summer at our upcoming Big Cheese event!

Fun facts about me are that I am a Penn State Master Gardener Trainee and I have an unjustifiable ketchup phobia.

A woman in a blue shirt is smiling at the camera
Christine Moore

As I continue to learn more about my role, I am grateful that my co-workers are so very kind and patient, incredibly helpful, and encouraging. I have also really enjoyed the new office space, the attitude and enthusiasm of the team, and best of all that we are all here to make our community and the world a better place. One of my favorite memories so far has been our staff Easter egg hunt (you can get a glimpse of it here). During the egg hunt I found the first golden egg (there were only 3 to be found), I suspect that was set up by my co-workers to make me feel a part of the team, because normally I can’t even find my glasses on top of my head!

The more I learn about United Way I am surprised at how interconnected we are throughout Berks County and the extent to which it is involved in making a positive difference. I had no idea United Way did so much! I am very excited to continue to learn more about the work of United Way and my role.

Fun fact about me is that I have one spouse, 6 children, 6 grandchildren (so far), 6 chickens, 3 cats, a large fruit and vegetable garden.


A photo of a woman smiling at the camera
Sherry Reenock

I absolutely love working with everyone here at United Way of Berks County. As I continue to get to know everyone, I am learning that this is an amazing group of individuals to work with. I have also enjoyed learning how United Way helps so many different areas and agencies in Berks County. It truly is amazing how involved United Way is.

I am excited to learn more about the agencies we support. One thing I did learn recently was at our internal Easter egg hunt. I never considered myself competitive, but I learned that…I AM.

Fun fact about me is that I love to laugh and I love my granddaughters and my pets.