Three Ways to Help Your Community

Do you have a desire to give back? You don’t have to work with national or global organizations to make a difference. The best way to make an impact starts in your own community! Here are some easy ideas to get you started.
These can all be practiced in your daily life and worked into your routine.

1. Donate Toiletries, Food, and Clothing to Those in Need

There are many organizations in need of donations in your community, including homeless shelters, food banks, and thrift stores. Here is an easy way to support these organizations in your daily routine – whenever you go shopping, pick up a few extra items from your list.

If you happen to purchase toothpaste, buy an extra tube and donate it to your local homeless shelter. Picking up a few items for dinner? Buy two of everything, and then you can donate the ingredients for a meal to a food bank. Before you go shopping for new clothes, clean out your closet first and give the extra items to the thrift store down the street. By connecting these actions to your daily life, you can make it easy to support your community!

To find organizations in need of these items, check out Wish Lists.

2. Volunteer

Participate in local service projects and make a difference in your neighbors’ lives every day.

United Way of Berks County helps people in need, addresses our county’s critical issues and makes our community a better place for everyone. If you live in Berks County, we encourage you to get involved! Get connected with volunteer opportunities, meet your neighbors, and know you’re making a difference in your community. Get started today.

3. Support Issues That Matter to All of Us

When you give to United Way of Berks County, you’re supporting a vast network of programs and services that make an impact in the areas of EducationHealthFinancial Stability and Safety Net Services. More than 100,000 Berks Countians – from all demographics and from all over the County – are helped by United Way each year. Join your support with thousands of others and start making a difference today!