United Way and Catholic Charities Help Local Veterans

It is not uncommon for veterans to have trouble transitioning back to civilian life; the challenges can be overwhelming. That’s why United Way supports a program in partnership with Catholic Charities: Allentown Diocese (serving Berks County) to help veterans avoid becoming homeless.

U.S. Navy veteran, Todd, has struggled with challenges including physical injuries and some legal trouble.  When an eviction notice was taped to his apartment door, he compared that moment to receiving a huge body blow. The veteran’s program helped him recover from the blow.

Todd received assistance with his rent, thanks the supported program.  “They don’t just want to pay bill, they want me to be able to save a little something and to get on my feet,” Todd said. “I would be in a much different situation if not for the support.  I have acted like a tough guy, but talking about this now, I can feel myself breaking up.”

Veterans facing turbulent times after leaving the military do not have to go without utilities, or risk eviction for missed rent thanks to United Way’s support of the program.

This is what United Way and its partners do – – help and honor our veterans.