The White House Day Care 2 Achieves 4 Star Rating

Growing Readers, a program of United Way’s Ready.Set.READ!, focuses on kindergarten readiness by providing support and resources through high quality childcare centers located in the City of Reading. By increasing the skills and retaining Early Childhood Educators, childcare centers are better positioned to provide improved curriculum and a stable environment for the children and families they serve. Through this program, United Way supports centers with 17 weeks of personalized teacher assistance, including coaching and modeling for effective implementation, ultimately resulting in achieving Keystone Stars Quality Assurance, the state’s quality rating system for early care learning centers.

The recent success of The White House Day Care 2 exemplifies the program’s impact and the success that can come to a childcare provider when they are committed to the Keystone Stars program. White House Day Care 2 achieved a Star 4 in July 2023, just a few months after attaining a Star 3. This distinctive growth is a testament to the commitment of the White House 2 team and its leadership.

White House Day Care was established in 2006 when Maribel Rodriguez began caring for children in a group home with just 12 children. Since then, they have expanded into two large locations. The name “White House” originates from the center’s beginnings in a beautiful old white house in Reading. They first relocated to the White House 2 center in 2016, which is located on the corner of Court and Washington Streets. This move allowed Maribel and her team to grow and serve more children in the City of Reading. This facility has a current capacity of 69 students ages, birth to 13 years old.

Leaders within the community are inspired by the passion and dedication of the center and its staff. Senator Judy Schwank recently visited the center and praised the facility, saying, “I have been to a lot of daycares, and this one is so beautiful.” She continued to express how important this center is to the community: “This place is right in Center City and is serving parents who are confident their children are being well taken care of.” Mayor Eddie Moran also expressed his gratitude, stating, “It takes a village to raise children, and I am so grateful that you are part of this village for the families in Reading.”

United Way’s contribution is valued for providing resources, curriculum, and essential business understanding crucial for organizational growth. General Manager, Steven Lara, who is also Maribel’s son, acknowledged Mary Jimenez, United Way’s Early Childhood and Community Engagement Program Manager, for helping them “kick off this journey”. White House has made remarkable strides in staff education, with six members completing their Childhood Development Associate (CDA) through the Growing Readers program, and another candidate currently in the process of obtaining the credential. Mary emphasized the significance of educating staff for achieving a Star 4 rating. She praised Maribel and her team, stating, “Maribel is an example to all childcare centers, and to her employees, by showing them how to get to the next level, since she began her career in the same role and has now achieved growth and success to her leadership role.”

Parents of children enrolled at the childcare center are grateful for the dedication of White House 2 leadership and their staff. A mother of an autistic child felt encouraged by the growth she has seen in her son by sharing his story. “When my son started here in 2021, he barely spoke and didn’t follow directions; he is now doing all of that and even speaks a little bit of Spanish.” Another mother shared her appreciation with the team by sharing, “My three kids have been coming here since 2017, and they feel at home here.”

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