Donor Designations

Community Wide Care Fund

Many donors prefer United Way of Berks County’s convenient, one-step way to help others by opting to have their contribution support the Community Care Fund. Donors selecting this option are choosing the community volunteer process to conduct the research to determine how funds can be best invested strategically in high priority and high performing health and human service programs in the areas of education, income, health and safety-net services. The goal of the Community Care Fund is to invest in measurable, innovative and impactful programs and initiatives to help local people, including children, families and older adults. The volunteer driven investment process is the foundation of the role United Way of Berks County plays in the community.

United Way of Berks County recognizes that some donors prefer to direct their contribution; therefore, the following options are available beyond the Community Care Fund. Due to processing costs, a minimum gift of $25.00 is required to designate a gift.

Partner Agency

A gift of $25.00 or more can be designated to a United Way of Berks County “partner agency or agencies” as noted on the pledge form. Any designation to a partner agency is treated as “first dollar in” which means designated dollars are counted first towards a partner agency annual investment becoming the minimum guaranteed amount that will be received by the agency. If designations exceed the annual investment amount, the partner agency will receive the overage and will receive payment as designations are received by United Way of Berks County. By using “first dollar in” if someone makes a $500 pledge to one of our partner agencies but then is unable to fulfill it we still pay the pledge on their behalf providing stable funding for our partner agencies.

Other United Ways

A gift of $25.00 or more can be designated to other United Ways throughout the country or can be shared between United Way of Berks County and another United Way. United Way of Berks County will pay designations based on actual receipts less a small processing fee.

Omit a Partner Agency From Contribution

A gift of $25.00 or more can be directed to the Community Care Fund with the understanding that a United Way of Berks County partner agency(ies) will NOT benefit from the gift. After annual investment amounts are determined, through the community volunteer process, the portion that would have normally been applied to the partner agency allocation (but was designated to be omitted from a particular agency) will be subtracted and redistributed among the other partner agencies.

United Way of Berks County will operate in good faith in honoring the designations of contributors. In the event that the United Way cannot clearly determine the donor’s intent (i.e., illegible written information, incomplete information, etc.) or the noted designation does not meet available options (outlined above) United Way of Berks County will attempt to make direct contact (written or telephone) with the contributor to obtain clear direction whenever possible. If such efforts should fail to produce clear direction from the contributor, United Way will distribute the gift as if it were designated to the Community Care Fund.

Donor contact information and pledge amount is shared with partner agencies and/or other United Ways if the donor requests a designation. It is the responsibility of the partner agency and/or other United Way to acknowledge designated gifts unless a donor has requested not to receive an acknowledgment letter (opt out check box on the pledge card).

All questions about the United Way of Berks County Designation program should be directed to Kristin Gehris at 610-685-4567 or