Focused Grants FAQ

The Focused Grants FAQ features questions raised by organizations during the application process. New questions will be added weekly. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Ashley Chambers.

How many applications can an organization submit?

Each organization may submit one application targeting one or both focus areas in the same application. If an organization submits an application, they may still be included on another organization’s application as a partner.

Are Agency Partners of United Way of Berks County allowed to apply for the Focused Grant?


If I partner with a UWBC Agency Partner, would that disqualify my application?

No, the Focused Grant is open to all eligible organizations regardless of their status as a UWBC Agency Partner.

Will you allow for a planning period if our grant is approved? We wouldn’t want to advertise and hire staff until knowing for sure the grant was secured.

Yes. If you would need a planning period to implement your proposal, please indicate that within the timeline question of the application. We can work with an applicant to determine the planning period as part of the life of the grant.

We realize there is no maximum amount but do you have a range so we may be mindful of not outpricing our budget?
There is no range for the grant opportunity. Should an application move forward in the review process but be considered too expensive, we would connect with an applicant to see if adjustments could be made to the cost.