How to Encourage Volunteerism Among Your Coworkers and Employees

Posted by: Jessica Heil, Communications and Online Engagement Manager

Volunteerism is a beautiful thing. It allows people to connect with others in their community, help those in need, and make a difference.

At United Way of Berks County, we deeply value the time, energy, and love that community volunteers provide. They help us reach our goals and make Berks County a better place for everyone.

United Way partners with several Berks County businesses and organizations to support its volunteer efforts. If you already volunteer with United Way, here are a few ways to encourage volunteerism among your peers.

Spread Awareness of United Way’s Work

Increasing general awareness of United Way is one effective way to encourage volunteerism. Share information about United Way’s presence in the Berks County community and some of our initiatives such as The Big Cheese, Ready.Set.READ!, and more.

Explain to your colleagues that United Way’s work in Berks County is ongoing and that volunteer efforts make them possible. You can even share some stories about the impact United Way has had on some of their fellow residents.

Share Your Volunteer Experiences

If you’ve had positive or fulfilling experiences as a United Way volunteer, share them with others! After all, your work has helped make Berks County a better place for everyone.

Perhaps there is a specific project that sticks out in your mind, or you remember some of the people you interacted with as part of these efforts. Sharing these kinds of positive experiences can have a powerful impact on enticing others to volunteer.

Explain the Benefits of Emerging Leaders United

Members of Emerging Leaders United (or ELU) know about the many benefits it provides. With ELU, people aged 21-45 get access to several workshops and training sessions for personal and professional development. ELU members also receive unique volunteer opportunities in Berks County, across a range of initiatives.

If you are a member of ELU, spread the word! Tell your peers about these great benefits and how ELU has impacted your life. Or, if you are not already a member, you can learn more about ELU and get started today.

Show Them the Volunteer Portal

United Way offers several volunteer opportunities throughout Berks County. These opportunities range in terms of community needs, size, and more.

Finding the right volunteer opportunity for you or your colleague is easy with our Volunteer Portal. Share this resource and help them find the opportunity or event that fits their personal interests, talents, etc.

If you volunteer with United Way of Berks County, thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and love for our community. Without your assistance, the work of United Way is not possible.

United Way’s work in Berks County is ongoing. We are always appreciative of the help of others to make our impact possible. If you want to encourage volunteerism among your coworkers or employees, use some of these tips and show them the change they can help create.