United for the Future

Creating a Lasting Legacy

United Way of Berks County extends its gratitude to all of our donors who have chosen to continue their impact by providing a legacy gift to improve the lives of future generations.

Ronald L. and Beverly A. Bashore
Cathy and Tom Beaver
Helen Breidegam*
Jo and Paul Cohn
Jim* and Anna Connors
Peter and Santina Connors
Michael and Diane Duff
Irv Evans*
Chuck Fabian
Ann and Bob Fox
Andrea J. Funk
Judge Arthur E. Grim and Louise C. Grim
Bradley and Barbara Hall
Fred and Dee Hiehle
T. Jerome and Carolyn R. Holleran
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Jaeger
Chris and Ann Kraras
Daniel and Kathleen Langdon
James H. Lentz and Gail M. Ebersole-Lentz
Nick and Risa Marmontello
Donald E. Mattern
Laura I. Mattern

Karen McKeever
Harry and Jean Morrow
Glenn E. and E. Jane Moyer
Joni and David Naugle
Karen and Paul Oxholm
Alan and Laurie Peer
Craig and Sue Perrotty
George and Sandy Post
Michael Reese
Yvette and Scott Rehr
Robert and Donna Rhoads
Karen A. and Gary W. Rightmire
Robert and Rebecca Rupel
Brad and Carroll Scribner
Bruce and Sarah Smith
Ralia C. Vardaxis
Patrick and Meredith Velekei
Steve and Joan Weidman
Tammy White and Michael Davidson
Steve Willems
Rick and Marlene* Wilson
Nancy and Doug Yocom

Plus 3 members who wish to remain anonymous

Tocqueville Legacy Circle        * Deceased

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a United for the Future member, please contact Angie Finney at 610-685-4570 or angief@uwberks.org. You may also complete our Letter of Intent.